Wright’s Words start conversations…public media to Inform, Enlighten, and Inspire. These stories are often at the crossroads of progressive politics, the media arts, and “race.”

An Artistic Will Wright

An Artistic Will Wright

I am deeply concerned about how people and communities of color, particularly multi-“racial” ones, make their voices heard above cacophony of those of the majority, who run the mainstream and conventional news and entertainment venues.  Please tell me when you think I can publish piece that will inform, enlighten, or inspire you!

I began writing about multi-“racial” identity in 2001, when I wrote Defining Myself Outside the Box, under my maiden name, for The Christian Science Monitor.  I have filed may hard feature stories about people and communities of color, multiethnic people of color, and people of African descent at KFAI Fresh Air Radio.  I have also produced these kinds of stories at Chicago Public Radio’s Eight Forty-Eight show, where I am a full-time, paid intern this summer.

I love radio storytelling. In fall 2007 I was a full-time intern at National Public Radio’s (NPR) Tell Me More program. While I was there, I reported a story called Black Republicans fight for their Political Voice for Intern Edition.

While I focus on finishing my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, my ambition seems to preclude my interest in reading historical memoirs & biographies, or practicing my French language skills, or clicking with some amazing woman.  I miss reading books to please and edify myself?

And then there’s my grave regret about forsaking my passion for cinema for the sake of my grades and my interest in pursuing a professional master’s degree at the intersection of international relations and media production.

I do steal the time to watch USA’s Burn Notice and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. I only wish that TLC’s What Not to Wear would deal with men’s personal style more than once or twice a year!


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