Blacks blocked from Southern juries in the Obama era

How vital is Pres. Obama to moving us beyond bias when Southern juries still shed Blacks?

So the New York Times reports on a phenomenon that probably shocks many, saddens and disappoints some, and doesn’t really phase others.

Getty image

What shocks me is not the segregated jury pool.  I find that morose and vile, but not a shock.  What shocks me (although it shouldn’t) is the extent to which the public is shocked.  But for the public to not be shocked, they would need a longer or deeper memory for and sustained personal interest in social justice.

As usual, it probably comes down to a meager portion of America that feels these things come home to them.  The splintered, non-stop news, information, and entertainment cycle doesn’t help.

Ours is a society of bizarre and laughable contradictions: founded in freedom acknowledged (for some), and provided only to some, where largely “great” men owned their fellow men, and their great, great grandchildren elected a brilliant, but brown man with a funny name, Barack Obama, to lead their country and the free world.

Surely people used to say, at home, in the barber shops, and elsewhere, that “once there’s a Black president…”  Everything would improve.  Dramatically.  And traumatically for many.

This is another example of what U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder called a “cowardly” country when it comes to conversations and questions on color and bigotry.

People have apparently lost track of a similarly backward practice in Mississippi: segregated high school proms.



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