Sometimes my voice just doesn’t seem necessary

After having diligently, or tried to diligently, maintain a consistent presence and voice here, sometimes it just seems like the myriad voices and righteous opinions render mine less necessary.

To my mind, the most interesting news comes from Europe.  In France feminism seems cooky and fickle.  On one hand their politicians have taken another step forward (or backward) to banning the burqa in public, or at least in schools.  On the other hand, France is going forward with a quota goal to move more women into certain leadershp positions.

Listen to a piece by Eleanor Beardsley, NPR’s France correspondent, about the burqa.

So, if you’re French and Muslim life is frustrating.  If you wear the burqa, it’s even harder.  If you’re neither, but you are a woman, things might be heading toward truer equality?


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