Anglos (North American whites): Obama broke more than the mold, but our hearts

The start of, and Anglos’ reaction to, President Barack Obama’s work also serves as a surprising litmus test about the complex and layered manner in which the United States’ biases and prejudices have not yet been outgrown.

Obama and German Chancellor

Many North Americans, progressive and liberal-minded people, might have breathed long-awaited relief upon President Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Some are even thrilled to have Barack Obama as their president.  There are also those who are not – who cannot understand or accept that a brown man earned the role; cannot believe that he is as aggressive and commanding as they would insist that an Anglo man would be – that has the extreme conservatives suffering social and political seizures.

These outcries can be explained, if in round-about ways, by phenomena other than color, bias, and prejudice.  That would be like trying to walk from point A to point C by hopping and skipping on and past points K, M, and Q before finally arriving at point C.

Be real.  Get real: color and ignorance.

President Barack Obama's inauguration

President Barack Obama's inauguration

It is morose, but just how surprising is it?  I suspect that this is where colored communities separate from Anglos.  Anglos do not have to live as either brown, dark, or permanently tan.

In part because of the power and potency of candidate Obama’s rhetoric, and his personal-professional mission of unity, citizens felt a Kennedy and Camelot-like feeling.  They felt “a new beginning might come with this man,” who, in innumerable ways, showed that the United States had grown-up in crucial ways.  But after the heady days when the United States patted itself on the back, the reality returned – like a stunning smack.  A back hand shocked us.

Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President’s September speech before Congress, that which lawyers might easily describe as an excited utterance, summarizes and typifies this as well as others.  Maybe it’s just in the most blunt and crass manner possible.

With all the coarse political rhetoric and conjecture, the haze of hot air makes it impossible to be clear on how many supporters he has and how many remain shocked that he earned the presidency.

President Barack Obama = communist?

President Barack Obama = communist?

This no matter whether one pays attention to the New York Times, CNN, The,, or another.  There are too many headlines and stories and weblog pieces that have chronicles and critiqued and criticized this coarseness.



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