Scholars, Others Expect Obama Factor to Gratify Too Soon

I am certain that it’s too soon for anyone to seek indications that President Barack Obama’s presence and example has persuaded those, who are against people of color to think better, to reconsider their fears and ignorance.

The University of Florida’s Ashby Plant found data that suggested that, not only had an Implicit Association Test, that gauges “real” bias against groups, indicated a big decline in anti-Black feeling among participants – it showed that the white participants were showing bias for Blacks.  Plant was thrown.

President Barack Obama listens intently

President Barack Obama listens intently

While Obama’s presidency might spawn delightful changes in how North Americans of African descent are perceived, as with presidential history, it will probably be years, maybe several, before scholars or lay people will find concrete data.

The phenomenon of President Barack Obama may be like this generation’s Cosby Show; and as Henry Louis Gates, Jr said, in a PBS show which might have been Ethnic Notions, after the show’s end, it is unrealistic and too much to expect one TV program to correct generations of ingrained and indoctrinated home training.  It’s too much to expect, or even suppose, that families would abruptly stop teaching subtle biases, prejudgments, and discimination.  This, either after an African-American president is inaugurated or a groundbreaking TV show succeeds.

People can debate whether the electronic media are more effective or surer teachers of children, but parents, who can still interact in real-time and in-person, remain the first teachers.

The eagerness to test, to study President Barack Obama’s affect is understood.  Heck, a whole other academic subfield began upon his inauguration.

But of course, the key question – that which is chronically omitted or ignored, is why people still connect vices, criminal traits & inclinations to darker-skinned people solely because of a preoccupation with people’s color and features.




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